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  • New or existing groups who depend on one another for results
  • Boards of directors, executive committees, strategic planning task forces, management teams, project teams, cross-functional teams, cross-generational teams and newly formed teams.
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships

What Will You Experience?

  • Planning and preparing a gourmet meal ending in a team dining experience. The meal is followed by a discussion about reactions, insights and ideas for team improvement

What’s In It For You?

  • Opportunity for personal growth through self-assessment and team interaction
  • Greater understanding of the impact that behavior and interpersonal relationships have on team results
  • Ideas for improving teamwork turned into action plans

Where Does It Take Place?

  • Depending on the team’s needs, the program can be held at one of several commercial kitchens or at a site determined by the team.

Who Are We?

  • Sue Lind, Ph.D., and Nancy McGee, M.Ed., have been in the field of training and organizational development for over 25 years.  Both have worked in a number of industries including global electronics, publishing, customer care, banking, retail, government and non-profit.
Team Cuisine, 165 Ashleigh Terrace, Marietta, GA. 404-558-4300

165 Ashleigh Terrace, Marietta, GA ~ 404-558-4300

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